Top 10 Hunting & Fishing Tips

Gary Oberg’s Top 10 Hunting Tips (©2019)

1.     Put a piece of electrical tape over the end of your rifle barrel to prevent debris and snow from getting in the barrel. The bullet will not be bothered by it.

2.    Pack personal size Kleenex packs for toilet use. They are compact and remain dry.

3.     Use an air tight wood burning stove for your guide tent. They are light to pack. I like the 27-inch model best.

4.     When purchasing a guide tent get a four-foot minimum sidewall.

5.     Angle the stove pipe on a guide tent away from the tent to avoid tar drippings on the tent roof.

6.     Layer clothing instead of using a large parka. I use a large pack vest that I can put a packable down vest in. I like the Cabelas vest that has a large rear compartment.

7.     Using a narrow backpack makes it easier to manage and shoulder a rifle with a sling.

8.     I use a 3-liter water bladder in my pack. That will last all day on the hottest of days.

9.     When purchasing a guide tent, buy the camper cloth. It is much lighter than canvas, but still very durable. I have used mine for 40 years!

10.     Store your tent in a plastic tub to keep it safe from mice. Make sure it is completely dry before storage.

Top 10 Fishing Tips

  1. Leave ID skin patch on fish by fileting the flesh off the skin to within a ¼ to ½ inch of the end. Move the knife blade back a couple inches and turn it vertical. Press down with the blade and rip the skin off. The skin tears easier than it cuts.
  2. A quick way to vacuum seal fish in a zip lock bag is to place the bag in a bucket of water. Push the bag down into the water, until the partially opened corner is at water level. When all the air pockets are gone, close the bag.
  3. Use a bowline knot to tow a boat. It is easily undone.
  4. Run 30 foot deep running lures like Rapala tail dancers at 3 mph. in 15 to 20 feet of water near rocky shorelines. Works great for most fish species.
  5. Make your own fish breading by blending a stick of saltine crackers, 1/2 cup of corn meal, 2 tsp Lawrys season salt, 2 tsp of Lemon and pepper.
  6. Carry extra rod tip line guides and some hot melt glue in your tackle box.
  7. Carry a good side cutter (I like a Sargent brand that has extra leverage) to cut off flesh embedded hooks. First drive the hook through so that the barbed end is sticking out. Cut the hook off and grab the barbed end with a pliers and extract the hook. To reduce pain numb the area with an ice cube. Sterilize the wound.
  8. Want to eat fish but forgot you cooking stuff at home? Gut and gill a Northern Pike. Prepare a bed of low to medium hot coals and place the fish on the coals. Flip fish over after 10 to 15 minutes. Bake until flesh is flaky. Dip in melted butter and you have ‘poor mans’ lobster.
  9. For ice fishing pan fish go really small on lure size with 2-4  lb. test fluorocarbon line.
  10. If no other lure color works go blue, with a red belly.
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