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NEW BOOK by Minnesota Entrepreneur Gary Oberg Shares Lifetime of Fishing & Hunting Adventures 


“Vivid hunting and fishing tales for weekend warriors.”–Kirkus Reviews

"One of the best new Hunting books for 2019" – BookAuthority

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Sports Fishing & Sports Hunting

(MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, August 19, 2019)– Gary Oberg has spent his life on the edge. As an inventor, engineer, and a successful entrepreneur, he’s taken a lot of chances, but he really learned about risk mitigation over a lifetime of pushing the limits outdoors. . 

Despite a busy life as an engineer and developing businesses, Oberg found time over the decades to go on many interesting hunting and fishing expeditions. 

Now, in his retirement, he has compiled 40 of his stories into a new book titled Sidetracks. 

Growing up on a farm in 1940s Minnesota, Oberg learned to appreciate nature and has spent much of his life fishing and hunting throughout North America. 

His book shares the stories he has accumulated over they years, and the lessons they’ve taught him. 

ABOUT THE BOOK –Sidetracks: 40 True Stories of Hunting and Fishing on Paths Less TraveledFrom duck-hunting in the marshes of Minnesota, to fishing the pristine lakes of Ontario, to bagging moose among the jagged peaks of Alaska, Gary Oberg writes about all the compelling characters, all the blessings, and all the curses of living life on the edge—where, “if you’re not living on the edge, you’re takin’ up too much room.” 

His book shares a lifetime of hunting and fishing adventures, and some misadventures, in a series of entertaining true stories and reveals some of the best locations in North America (including Minnesota) where the finest game and the feistiest fish live.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR–In 1990, Gary Oberg, BME, PE, founded Spectralytics, a company providing high quality laser processing solutions for medical device manufacturing in a store-front type building in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina with two people and two lasers.

In 1999, he moved the company to Dassel, Minnesota. 

In 2012 Spectralytics was purchased by Cretex, and became part of the Cretex Medical family, a family of manufacturing companies offering contract manufacturing of medical devices. 

He says he found ways over the years to get out into nature and named his book Sidetracks because of the chances he took on some of his trips, and in life. 

Oberg grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota’s Douglas County, got an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota, worked for companies such as IBM, Berkley Fishing Tackle Company, and Hutchinson Technology. 

Oberg says Sidetracks is the kind of book you don’t have to read from front to back; you can just pick out chapters here and there if you like. 

He says one of his favorite chapters has to do with a funny experience he had trying to butcher a pig in Rochester, and one of his favorite places to visit has been Alaska where’s he’s hunted moose and fished for halibut.

Sidetracks is available exclusively on Amazon in both eBook and print. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION– Visit the website for more information and a list of Oberg’s Top 10 Hunting & Fishing Tips, as well as a list of his favorite hunting and fishing locations.

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