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"Vivid hunting and fishing tales for weekend warriors.”Kirkus Reviews

In this lively volume featuring 40 stories, the author recounts his years going on hunting and fishing trips to places like Saskatchewan’s remote Sturgeon Landing and Colorado’s ruggedly beautiful Sawtooth Mountain. With a voice that sounds like a good-natured uncle telling campfire tales, Oberg’s adventures are—for the most part—a celebration of the great outdoors.

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What a fun read! I'm not a hunter/fisherman and yet I really enjoyed reading these stories. 

The stories are entertaining, and they end with a bonus - a moral, or note, or special learning quip. 

They read as adventures with friends, family, guides, some normal, some strange and some, well, really bizarre. They hunt in some beautiful remote places that come alive on the page with descriptive writing. 

Gary Oberg describes himself as an introvert, engineer, father, friend, devoted husband and a Christian. 

I can tell you that his sense of humor makes the book fun. I bought this book for my two brother in laws who love to hunt and fish and are forever telling me stories of their adventures. They will love it too!

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This collection of outdoor exploits is fun to read even though I am not a serious hunter/fisherman.

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When you pick this book up you won't put it down until the end. 

This is a great easy to read book just full of exciting and fascinating stories. 

You'll laugh and be amazed at the authors adventures over 6 decades of fishing, hunting and living life to the fullest. Highly recommended.

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The author’s dry humor and timing of interjecting his special humor into “serious” situations are priceless – a real talent and make for fun reading. 

The blending of the author’s life story with what appears to be the primary goal of the book - using hunting and fishing experiences to encourage people to take the road less traveled to learn, achieve, and be willing to fail. Picked it up to read a story now and then. 

Nope, I got hooked and read it through in two evenings. Left me with some real "ah ha" moments.

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Intriguing true stories.

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